Update 12th May 2020

Dear all

I will not send Round Robins unless there is something worth saying. Two things please:

  • Individuals attitude to borrowing money varies, but quite frankly the ‘Bounce Back’ loan should be keenly pursued in my opinion. 12 month interest free, followed by 5 years at 2.5%. Why would you not do that? No arrangement fees! Apply through your individual banks portal. It is not difficult and the money comes through quickly. Just don’t spend it!
  • Furlough. The scheme has been extended to October, but with ‘changes’ in August. I don’t wholly understand the thinking here. In my view the furlough is the best way to get people back to work as lack of money generally concentrates the mind. The extension must be indicative that the safety concerns are not yet over.

Thankfully we are not in charge of this process and the reaction to it. It is a wholly invidious role as everyone has an opinion, usually laced with a good dose of hindsight. I just hope Miriam Margolyes has plenty of self isolation time to reflect upon her nastiness.

As always, any queries please shout





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