About Us

Harris and Clarke LLP commenced business wef. 1st July 2009. In late 2016 we acquired a controlling interest in Cochran, Harris and Clarke Limited a registered auditor.

Although a recent legal entity, its creation draws on the 120 years + combined experience of John Harris, Paul Osborn, Ed Nichols and Gerry Cochran. Similarly, our staff members tend to be long standing and well experienced in the agricultural field.

Both current equity partners share a common background of practical farming with professional careers and both wish to provide the highest professional standards with old fashioned levels of personal service.

This philosophy is shared by the 18 or so staff currently employed and from top to bottom, all staff and both partners share a common wish to outperform and exceed normal levels of client expectation.

Where appropriate modern technology is used and embraced, but only in the context that it is a tool performing a task. However, we do believe that the personal service is the important part of the assignment and the interpretation of the information produced. Not simply the means by which it was produced.

Consequently, we seek to provide old fashioned levels of service, aided and abetted by modern thinking and technology.