Oh dear……………..

Since the last post much has taken place; little good. Putin, Good bye to Boris and the Queen and now a brave / stupid mini budget. It is currently difficult to see how this might play out.

What is also quite clear is that HM Government do not know how to react to the impact of Putin on farming. The increasing food, fuel and fertiliser prices have seemingly made the government reconsider their previously headlong rush into environmental subsidies. We even had a visit from a recently recruited Defra employee wanting to learn more as to what Farmers want post SFP and pre ELMS.

We sent the strong message that we must subsidise food production, but not at the expense of the environment. A 360 degrees change of emphasis from the ‘plant trees for money’ strategy, that always appears a bit bonkers to us. It would appear that Whitehall are perhaps finally waking up. We shall see.

We had a good and busy Blakesley show and now are back to accounts production in earnest.



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