Round Robin – 16th June 2020

Dear all

Apologies. A bit like red buses today.

We have been asked by a number of clients, “I’m self-employed but haven’t had a letter, concerning the grant, what should I do?”

My advice had been to wait as when announced the letters were said to be going out in June. They actually started appearing in mid-May and so now people are understandably wondering if they have ‘missed the bus’.

Fear not, instead go online and google ‘self employed claim’. Hopefully that will direct you to the address below and you can then make the claim yourself, or at least ascertain if you are eligible. Rest assured, if you are one of our clients your affairs will be up to date, so if there are any problems contact us again. You have paid your taxes so you are quite eligible as far as I can see.

We are getting all staff back to work so there will be someone here who can help.

Secondly, for those of you who insure through AXA or AVIVA, there may be some light as to the Business Interruption policies that failed to pay out under the Disease clause. Apparently, the goal posts have been slightly moved and there may now be respite under the Government Action part of the policy. Much to my amazement we have such a policy which initially declined any liability, but now have sent us a claim form. This may not be unique to AXA or AVIVA, but to date they are my experience.

And lastly, I am glad to see that the government has found time to issue a ‘space rocket challenge’.

My vote would be to load up the entire cabinet and shadow cabinet in said rocket, launch it and see how far they can go……………



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