23rd April – St.George’s day and Furlough applications

Dear all

Firstly, Happy St.George’s day. Currently there would appear to be an obvious dragon that could be usefully slain and any assistance would be appreciated. (No, not Matt Hancock).

Secondly. We have now completed a few Furlough scheme applications and the consensus appears to be that they are reasonably straightforward for monthly paid staff, but once any level of detail is delved into, the process becomes the more difficult; average wages, employment allowance, directors etc etc.

There is also the practical problem of obtaining / remembering gateway passwords, where the payroll package automatically submits the RTI information.

So, the advice has to be to be careful. Once this is all over and St.George has done his job, the HMRC audit department will be all over the claims like a rash. (They already have the payroll figures don’t forget). Currently, there is no legislation, or case precedent to refer to as such so, above all, keep all your workings and be able to justify what you are doing.

We certainly do not have a monopoly of wisdom in this matter, but if you want to discuss or garner a second opinion please do make contact.




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