New year – New challenges

2019 has already started off with the farce that is Brexit showing no sign of resolution. Only the Brits could get themselves into this sort of pickle, largely through a mixture of disinformation, stubbornness , nostalgia and pride.

Clearly, until the mess has been sorted the country lies in limbo, waiting to see what happens. There is absolutely no doubt that in the meanwhile businesses large and small are waiting to understand the outcome and as a result, business inertia has certainly grown. Oh dear.

On the agricultural front there is also little optimism, with the apparent rise of veganism and exorbitant fodder prices to feed what animals are still being reared. One wonders what the purpose of the mandible is if we are simply to suck on eggs and vegetables in the future.

However, to end on a positive note, it has always been the case that major issues will always breed major opportunities. So, may I suggest that we consider lorry parking and vegetable dicers as possible diversification projects?

Happy new year and we haven’t even mentioned MTD (!)


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