The Budget – March 8th 2017


Phillip Hammond delivered his first and apparently the last Spring budget yesterday. We attach theĀ entire white paper for your perusal.

It has not gone down particularly well. It was not expected to go down well with Mr.Corbyn and Mr.O’Donnell; little does, but the increase in the National Insurance rate for the self employed has incensed many within Mr.Hammond’s own party. The conservatives do not have a large majority and with labour pledged to oppose, national insurance may well become a political chip.

Changes to the dividend tax exemption will not be popular either, but at least these were not manifesto pledges. It isĀ most likely however that the word Hammond did not even mention will be the biggest determinant in both his and his party’s fortunes. Brexit.

Apart from various mitigants against the effects of the business rates revaluation property taxes have remained largely unchanged.

As usual, if you have any specific questions based on your own circumstances please do not hesitate to make contact.


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