After the tumultuous events of the past 2 weeks a littleĀ political certainty is now appearing returningĀ to the ranks of the Tories, with the Labour Party still to decide their future direction.

The fact remains that there is little the farming community can do but wait and see what happens. The fall in the pound will assist commodity prices at least in the short term and it could be that if a recession does take place in the wider economy as many predict, land prices may firm as a result as was the case back in 2007. That having been said the future of BFP (whilst in place for 2 years) will then presumably come under pressure.

In short, who knows? It seems a lifetime’s politics has taken place in 20 days and any prediction is a ‘mugs game’. It is also more than a little ironic that the leaders of the ‘leave campaign’ are now nowhere to be seen and the new Prime Minister has become leader through her ability to sit on a fence and say nothing. Strange times indeed.

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